Hearing about how evil and destructive video games are is both unfair and uneducated.

We want to show the world that games aren’t as bad as they are made to seem. For many, in fact, games may just be what turns their life around for the better. That’s where you all come in. We want to hear your voices, your stories. What have video games done for you? What do video games mean to you? Besides just fun, what role have video games played in your life? Were video games there for you when you needed someone?

Welcome to Twinfinite Discusses, where a bunch of games journalists get together to answer the questions you send in. Ever wonder what Scooby Doo has to do with video games? That’s an Easter egg you’ll find within :)



"Mass Effect Saga" - Illustration for Bioware by Sam Spratt

To celebrate the anniversary of the Mass Effect trilogy, I painted this poster for Biowareavailable at their store in 2 editionsWith a little under 2 weeks and a mess of replayi—err, *research* to do, I sketched out a composition that’d get the best of it in there, and began painting the majority of key players and aspects from the series. With a roster as large as the game has: I was selective (my custom ginger Shep did not make the cut). The special edition even has metallic inks on the golden text and border elements which I’m particularly fond of. You can snag one HERE.